Friday, June 7, 2013

Let's Get Trendy Now!3 - Day 5: Textured layers

Have you been eyeing those luscious textured layers on the projects of your fave artists? Want to know how to create the "illusion" of textures on your card so that it still ships on normal postage? *winks* We've saved the best for last. Let's look at how we can create textured layers on our projects. :)

1. Layering patterned papers.

Designer Ashley Horton creates yummy textures on her tag through a mix of different patterned papers.

For more details on this tag and a complete supply list, please visit Ashley Horton Designs. Psst....she's offering some free nautical printables...

2. Create textures with common household supplies.

Designer Erum Tasneem created the fabulous textures on her card with home-made mixed media supplies.[Read her tip.]

For more details on this card and a complete supply list, please visit VIBGYOR Krafts.

3. Create the illusion of layers.

Like the look of textured layers but prefer less lumpy pages? Designer Miae Rowe used gesso, masks and colorants to create a vibrant textured layout that still fits into your page protector.

For more details on this layout and a complete supply list, please visit Making Scrap Up.

4. Get creative with pretty supplies.

Designer Helen Tilbury created her textured masterpiece using 2 pieces of patterned papers,a layer of lace bling, misted muslin, flowers, trinkets and glitter.

For more details on this altered bubble bath bottle and a complete supply list, please visit Scrap Addict.

5.Choose patterned papers that have textured designs.

The glasscloth paper on designer Amy Tsuruta's upcycled coffee sleeve provides faux-texture.
For more details on this altered project and a complete supply list, please visit Tsuruta Designs.

6. Play with fabrics.

Mixing up fabrics can create incredible textures as seen on designer Julie Tucker-Wolek's layout.
For more details on this layout and a complete supply list, please visit The Tucker and Wolek Clan.
7.A combination of different textural materials.

Put it all together with a fun combo of paper, fabric, plastic and metal like on designer Yvonne Yam's card.

For more details on this card, please visit Do More With Less.

There you have it. 7 glorious ways to create yummy textured layers on your projects. And awesome tips from the designers. Confident to give textured layers a go? We want to see your TEXTURED LAYERS projects. Please link your newly created textured layered projects via Inlinkz [located at the end of the post] by June 30 11.55am EST for your chance to win these fabulous self-adhesive embellishments sponsored by ZVA Creative.  Please read rules of play to ensure eligibility for our prizes.

Here is today's sketch. :)

But wait! We are not quite done yet. Play along with all 5 trend challenges for your chance at the grand prize. Will you be one of the contenders? If you've played along with all 5 challenges, please add your name  and email address via Inlinkz [located at the end of the post] by June 30 11.55am ESTPlease read rules of play to ensure eligibility for our prizes.

So we've come to the end of our 5 day trend workshop. Have you had fun? Have you been inspired? Do you think we should have a Let's Get Trendy Now!4 ? If you like what you see, come follow us at our personal blogs [link list on the sidebar]. 

This is your host Yvonne Yam signing off for now. Come back to this blog on July 10 at 12am EST when we showcase an inspiration parade of your challenge creations and announce all our winners! See you on July 1o!

P/s: Can't wait till July 10? Come join us at the Let's Get Trendy Now!3 Facebook Page where you can pose any questions you have on the trends we've covered.


  1. oh wow this is great!!! LOVE all the examples here and super fun projects!!! YES on #4!!!!

  2. This has to be my fav post.Awesome to see the various ways the designers interpreted and created textures.Thank you for this series.It was super fun.

  3. Oh em gee - I think this might be my favourite post too. And seriously asking if we want #4? YESPLEASE!!!

  4. W-O-W...........thank you all for so much inspiration & variation in this trendy series!!!

  5. YES to a #4 please!!! Does that mean we have to wait a year? Would love to have it be sooner!!

    Today's theme is so helpful for me, layering doesn't come easy to me. I worry too much about how it looks and if it's too much and so on. Seeing all these great examples has my head spinning with ideas already, can't wait to go play!!

    Thanks ladies for a wonderful inspiring week. I will check out all your blogs when I can, we are on summer break here and I was squeezing in time to make the projects instead of blog hopping. Just seeing all the projects here shows how awesome you are.

    Thanks for the comments on my blog from yesterday's challenge, I love how it came out.

  6. Thanks for the marvellous & wonderful inspiration, girls & for the hard work that's gone into's very kind & sharing of you all to do something like this:):):) And I must say that Erum's card & cornflakes idea mad me LOL::)!!!!!!

  7. Oh my heavens , blow me out of the water will ya!!! Fantastic textured projects ladies, WOW!!!!

  8. In love in love in love in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with it all!! Everyone has done such an amazing job this week!!!

  9. Such glorious projects ladies! I love all the wonderful inspiration!!!

    I can't believe we're on our last day of this spectacular workshop! I look forward to seeing how everyone is inspired!!!

  10. WOW!! I have been so busy soaking all the inspiration that I have not posted any comments on this series!!!Well a big round of applause from me for all the talented ladies on Let's Get Trendy Now!3 for such lovely work and the team for putting all this together.....great work !!Hope to participate on few of the inspiring workshops...

  11. These are so stinking fun I can barely stand it! I think let's get trendy now #4 should be for a month! :)

  12. day five already!! :(
    of course i have to yell: YES to LGTN! 4 :) :) :) :)
    have LOVED all the awesome dt inspiration :)

  13. These projects rocked! I had so much fun guesting for LGTN, many many thanks for having me!!

  14. You all did a fabulous job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Love all the textures! Great job ladies.

  16. This is one fantastic workshop! Looking forward to #4, 5, 6.....

  17. It has been a fantastic journey to follow LGTN 3 over the last week. A big thank you to you ladies for sharing and tutoring and let us have a tast of your creativities. You have all done a Fantastic job. I'm sure I'm not the only one waiting for number 4 ;)
    Wish you all a fantastic weekend :)

  18. Totally loving everybody's layered projects! And a grand prize too! I better get going! Thank you ladies for all of your hard work putting this together! This has been a fabulous class and I look forward to a Get Trendy 4! ;)

  19. Thanks for a fun week. I loved all the challenges. This had to be my favorite one. I love textured layers.

  20. Very fun tag. I love the suns on the tag at the top, great ideas for texture, and other awesome projects. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Love all the layering! Great DT! Thanks for the fun challenge! Carri~Abusybee

  22. I totally love how you have structured this workshop Yvonne - you've chosen an awesome cross-section of designers with very different outlooks which is just fantastic - and I love the text/photo images you've created! Would love you to share a tutorial on how you do that one day!!

  23. First I have to say I agree with Helen above, 100% this was an awesome workshop. LOVE LOVE IT SO MUCH!! Thanks again!

    Next is I finished and posted my projects for each day's lesson except for the last one, still thinking and trying. I put them all on one post just now, no time to do a separate one for each day, sorry. There is one day that I did though, the stitching one is done and posted back on that day. The rest is all grouped together, figured I could just share my link here for you to check out. Hoping to get more done and will let you know when I do. Thanks again!
    Here is my blog

  24. I love texture and layers! This challenge was so fun! I just had to join in! :)

  25. Oh this has been such a lot of fun Yvonne and has really helped me through a stressful month. I think I got a little mixed up doing these challenges as I was finding my projects were overlapping for techniques I was trying. I've so enjoyed doing them, sorry if I've mixed up my projects a bit, hope you can sort it out from my last post. Hope we can have a No 4 next year too. Thank you for all your hard work xx

  26. Hey Yvonne!
    Thanks for the GWS wishes :) Well today I'm feeling so content as I've played all the five challenges...I'm loving it. Thanks once again for such a nice platform to learn so many techniques from around the world. Loved it.

  27. so happy to have played in all the five challenges, learnt a lot from you talented people .hope you'll like what I have shared!!